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Toronto Coins is currently buying your old Canadian coins and paper money!

Coin collections, silver dollars, silver quarters, silver dimes, gold coins, rolls of unopened coins, estate coins or old cans of coins, I am interested in purchasing all Canadian Coins and banknotes from pennies to dollars. I am now also buying broken gold jewellery and paying top dollar, why would you attend a gold party and pay a commission to someone else when you can sell your gold for more without the middleman?

The silver and gold markets are very volatile, while the prices have come off of the recent highs they are still much higher than they have been for years, maybe now is the time to lock in some profit and sell those old coins sitting in the drawer for cash.

I buy collectible coins and I always buy silver coins, but unlike the other guys that only want to pay you cash for gold and silver with no regard for the collectible value of your coins I will always consider your coins collectible value and compensate you at the higher value. 

DO NOT CLEAN YOUR COINS this will reduce the value substantially!!!

I also buy coins from the USA made of silver dated prior to 1964, prices available on request.

The posted rates are subject to change as the value of Silver  fluctuates on the open markets, please contact me for exact rates.

Sadly I hear from many people that have inherited an estate coin collection that sold the collection to one of the cash for gold or travelling roadshow companies that are visiting every small town around prices well below the real value!!

If you find yourself with a coin collection from an estate and no interest or limited knowledge please send me an email, together we will sort through the collection to determine what you have and I will make you an offer to purchase it outright for cash.

To contact me about the coins you wish to sell please email

Tell me what you have to sell by denomination and I will give you a no obligation estimate of how much I am willing to pay based on the most current rates.
I will work with you to arrange a suitable time and place to complete the transaction, for the safety and security of both of us I will meet you in a public location or I will travel to your home or work to buy your coins in the comfort of your home. You don't have to live in Toronto to take advantage of this offer, I travel anywhere within a few hours of Toronto and if you live outside of the GTA your coins can be shipped to me, yes even from the USA.

This offer to buy your coins is not a guarantee that I will buy some, any or all your coins and may be withdrawn at anytime. Payment will be in Canadian dollars in the form of either cash or cheque depending on the value of the coinage being bought. Currency conversions will be performed at current exchange rates when required.


I recently visited one of the companies that travel to many small towns across Ontario claiming to be seeking antiques and treasures including silver and gold coins, banknotes and other collectibles.

I took along 7 common date Canadian silver dollars, 1 US Morgan silver dollar and a few other MS+ coins as a test to see what I would be offered. On initial examination I was told that the few MS coins were only good for spending and not even worthy of purchasing.
Now my silver dollars were of interest, but not great interest apparently as I was offered $30 for the 7 coins and only $7 for the Morgan dollar. In case you don't want to do the math this works out to $4.28 for each Canadian Silver Dollar, at the time I was purchasing at $14.50 for each dollars worth of silver coins.

Hey I know that these people are in business to make money, that's what being in business is about, but to out and out cheat folks like this is WRONG and unethical.

Do your own due diligence and ask other folks around your town if they have ever sold anything to these roadshow types and if they were happy with the outcome.

If you want to get the most for your collectible coins and scrap jewellery please consider before you sell anywhere else.


I prefer to deal in what I know best which is Canadian coins but I also purchase coin collections that include a mix of coins from Canada and the USA, please send me an email for an honest quote on what your collection of coins is worth.
Sorry but I do not to buy collections of entirely foreign coins.



Current Buy Rates
(Canadian Dollars)


Coin Year Per Coin
5c Pre 1921 $0.50
10c Pre 1966 $1.10
10c 1967 $0.87
10c 1968 silver $0.68
25c Pre 1966 $2.75
25c 1967 $2.17
25c 1968 silver $1.70
50c Pre 1968 $5.51
$1.00 Pre 1968 $11.03
$5 1976 Olympic $13.46
$10 1976 Olympic $26.92
Also Buying GOLD Coins
Please email for current prices

-Rates change often, please
contact for exact pricing.
-USA silver coins at similar rates
-Coins with collectable value will be paid at higher rates
-Will also buy flatware and broken gold jewellery

(last update Nov. 2, 2017)